Online national poll: Trump and Carson tied at 26, Ted Cruz third with 10 percent

While the top two candidates are head and shoulders above the rest of the field, Ted Cruz has climbed into third place with 10% support, the first time he has hit double-digits since after the first Republican debate this summer. His performance in the debate is likely boosting his standing in the poll; among those leaned Republican voters who watched or followed the debate coverage, Cruz gets 17% support, while Trump and Carson get 25% and 24%, respectively. After a strong performance in the August debate, Cruz’s numbers fell back to single digits. It will be interesting to watch during this typically volatile time in primary polling to see if his numbers hold – or grow – going forward.

Among all leaned Republican voters, Marco Rubio has 9% support, nearly even with Cruz (the difference between the two is well within the plus or minus 2.3 percentage point error estimate). Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina come next in order, with 5% and 4% support.