Obama to Boehner: "Man, I'm gonna miss you"

“He said, ‘Boehner, man, I’m gonna miss you,’ ” Boehner recalled in an interview broadcast Friday on Fox News.

“Yes you are Mr. President. Yes you are,” Boehner replied.

After nearly five years leading the House as Speaker, the Ohio Republican handed over the reins Thursday to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who at 45 is two decades younger than Boehner.

While Boehner and Obama were never personally close, the former Speaker told Fox News he had a “good relationship” with the president.

“We had disagreements over all kinds of issues but we have a good relationship,” Boehner said, “because I think it’s essential that the leaders be able to work with each other, have a relationship, have some trust so we can do the nation’s business.”