How Republicans can fix their debate problem

So it’s nearly unanimous: basically the only Republican in the country who felt that the CNBC debate moderators were fine is the guy at single digits in New Hampshire who got an outsized amount of airtime. Pretty much everyone else? Not so much. Including, thankfully, Reince Priebus who called the debate a “crap sandwich” on Sean Hannity: “Everything is going to be reevaluated and reset, every debate on the calendar is going to be reevaluated and reset, look at the format, the moderator, everything. We will have meetings with all the candidates to make sure that what went on last night does not happen again.”

He’s moving in response to inevitable pressure from the top campaigns on this front to fix things in the short-term. After the debate, Byron York reported on the campaigns moving toward some organized agreement about what reforms to the process were necessary. Politico furthers those reports today, detailing the campaigns meeting together to discuss potential rule changes. In addition to Trump and Carson, most of the rest of the field is interested in changing things up – the lower portion want to use early state polling or split the field in half at random between two segments, extending the time for answers, and other format shifts.