The CNBC debate was a useful fiasco

The general consensus is that the Republican debate hosted last night by CNBC was a train wreck.

And yeah, it kind of was a train wreck. The Federalist‘s Mollie Hemingway had warned that CNBC was choosing for their moderator a total pro-Hillary hack, John Harwood. Boy, did that turn out to be right. He and the other moderators asked hostile questions with leading assumptions and poorly researched “facts,” injecting themselves into the debate. In an early back-and-forth with Donald Trump about taxes, Harwood even got the last word in the exchange, as if he were one of the participants rather than the moderator.

Instead of being a chance for the Republican candidates to debate each other, the CNBC debate ended up pitting the candidates in a debate against the mainstream media.

And that’s what was awesome about it.