Germany to send many Afghan asylum seekers back home

The majority of Afghan asylum seekers in Germany will be sent back home, the German interior minister announced this week, marking a hardening of government attitudes towards those entering the country.

Afghan asylum seekers who are not fleeing areas held by the Taliban or affected by fighting, will be sent back to the country, Thomas de Maiziere announced at a news conference held in Berlin on Tuesday, according to AFP. The move will not affect asylum seekers who are at risk from the Taliban, who will still be granted asylum.

Afghans made up more than 20 percent of the 560,000-plus people who have arrived in Europe by sea in 2015, according to the UN Refugee Agency, something de Maziere described as “unacceptable.” He said talks had been held with the government in Kabul to put a halt to the influx, saying Afghans should “stay in their country.”