Turns out Melissa Harris-Perry uses the phrase "hard work" all the time

February 21- Harris-Perry tells NBC correspondent Kerry Sanders during her coverage of a blizzard that she was “doing the hard work today while the rest of us are warm and toasty right here in 30 Rock. But enjoy the ice sculptures.” (“Surely it’s not the sort of hard work required to … pick cotton,” Wemple asks coyly).

September 6- “What I don’t want to miss is that policing is in fact actually hard work, and there are things that make policing a more dangerous or less dangerous job,” Harris-Perry says during a segment on the racial dimensions of policing. “And I guess, part of what I’m interested in is, what those sort of facts are, what actually makes it harder or more dangerous to be a police officer.

August 30- Harris-Perry says that Ben Carson didn’t find success because of his work ethic: “I think that hard work is necessary but insufficient condition for success. Which is simply to say, must we work hard? Absolutely. But does hard work necessarily lead to success? No. And so I always want to think about the other side.”