The ‘really cool things’ Jeb could be doing

Jeb Bush has had it with you—that is, you, the 90-to-95 percent of Republican voters who’ve decided that it might be nice to elect a president with a different last name for a change. On Sunday the former Florida governor explained to voters that he had “a lot of really cool things” he could do other than “being miserable, listening to people demonize me.” In other words, he’s not really enjoying participating in a competitive presidential primary against meanies like Donald Trump. This was news to no one, of course. In tone and demeanor, Bush has often seemed like Ned Flanders wandering onto the set of “Breaking Bad.”

As it happens, most voters seem perfectly OK with Jeb Bush’s finding “cooler” things to do—a statement he probably regretted immediately. Still, one is left to ponder: What might those other cool things might be.