How Paul Ryan went from wingnut to RINO in conservative media

Laura Ingraham (who now calls him “Boehner 2.0”) once declared “Mitt Romney made a fine pick in Paul Ryan,” adding: “More than anything today, we need a man with courage and clear-thinking. Ryan has both.” Radio host Mark Levin (who says the hated Bush establishment wants Ryan as Speaker) previously called Ryan a great VP pick. Ann Coulter (who is now attacking Ryan and his dead mentor, Jack Kemp) called Paul Ryan the “perfect” pick for Mitt Romney in 2012…

Of course, these pundits will claim that Paul Ryan has become a horrible establishment liberal in recent years—after their glowing praise of him. And, in fact, there are examples one could point to. For example, he championed the Ryan-Murray budget plan that many conservatives objected to because (among the reasons) it would do away with some of the sequestration cuts.

So, just for fun, let’s assume that Ryan has changed since 2012. Doesn’t the fact that these conservative pundits and talk radio hosts were so effusive in their praise of a guy who immediately sold them out raise the question of whether or not we can trust their judgment?

I mean, if they were so wrong about Paul Ryan, why should we believe them when they tell us that so and so is the next great conservative rock star?