The chummy rapport between Trump and Carson turns cool

“It’s a presidential campaign in the United States of America — yes, we expect it,” Carson spokesman Doug Watts said. “We look forward to him making his point of view with the public, and if he does stir it up, we’re all outsiders and anti-Washington, anti-establishment, so I think there’s going to be a commonality there.”

Carson plans to take a deliberately gentle approach to his flamboyant rival, said Armstrong Williams, Carson’s confidant and business manager.

“Think about it: Parents, children, employees — they don’t want a boss or a president who is going to fly off the handle and throw insults at people,” Williams said. “People expect you to have a certain level of class and dignity. Wealth does not give you class, it does not give you temperament or discipline.”…

“Carson is kind of an unassailable candidate,” said Steve Deace, a conservative radio host who is supporting Cruz, the Texas senator. “Even if people don’t think Carson is ready to lead, they still see him as a symbol of what we once were and should be again — the kind of country that produces Ben Carsons.”

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