Obama's pretentious, hypocritical climate change push

All Obama has to do is go to Paris, give a vapid speech about saving the planet, capitulate to those who would like to see the United States weakened, pretend that others will fulfill their pledges to reduce carbon emissions and then return home to a round of self-congratulations from his own staff and sycophant appointees. To follow up on his brave proposals, all he has to do is sign a couple of executive orders that slap American businesses with some gratuitous, onerous regulations and declare that a noble deed has been done. And, by the way, the White House will have to do whatever it takes to keep any agreement reached in Paris from being voted on in Congress.

Let’s remember that the Obama administration failed in its pivot to Asia, could not reset with Russia, could not find an opening to the Arab world, could not successfully negotiate with Iran, could not successfully end two wars, could not follow through on its own red lines drawn in Syria —  much less change the regime — so forgive me if I am skeptical that this president can go to Paris and save the world. Isn’t it a little ironic that the elite will meet in Paris, of all places, to plan the energy scarcity they want the rest of us to endure? The bar at the Hotel George V seems to be the perfect place to decide that Africa will remain energy-starved and the rest of us will have to pay more for the energy we have.

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