I hate to say this, but Hillary will be our next president

Yep, folks, I obviously thought she was good and that she took blowing bollocks to an Olympic level that Obama could only dream of. In comparison to and in contrast with Obama’s attempts at regaling us with his gobbledygook, please note that she didn’t have all the “uhs” and and “ums” that accompany the president when he’s slinging hash. It was deception perfection on steroids, ladies and gents.

That said, I predict salesmen, shady evangelists, “journalists,” members of Congress, psychopaths, mean girls and Facebook stalkers, in days to come, will study her subtleties because what she wielded was some world-class wiles.

For stage purposes, Hillary looked completely “presidential” during her Benghazi cross. Completely comfortable. Nearly too comfortable.

I don’t believe any of the GOPers could’ve even come close to doing what Hillary did in deceiving The United States of Duh. Especially, Marco Rubio. Rubio would’ve never been able to pull off that sleight-of-hand. Marco sweats when he tells the truth. He perspires more that a 15-year-old boy at a Beyoncé concert. He’s a rookie. Hillary’s a pro.

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