Trump's secret? He's a great entertainer

The fighter, the winner, the outsider? It’s an act of course. But an act put on by a talented entertainer who gets to play by an entirely different set of rules, and who clearly understands that the greatest threat to his candidacy is not that people will be outraged by him, but rather that they will be bored, and no longer see him as a winner.

The great entertainers of our time know the importance of always feeding the audience something new, something fresh, something different. There’s a reason Madonna is constantly in the business of re-inventing herself. Those who constantly feed the beast win the limelight. Trump feeds the beast.

Every time there’s a chance Trump will fade from the headlines, he engineers a way to keep that from happening. Trump visits the border. Trump insults veterans. Trump wages war on Fox News. Trump brings a helicopter to the Iowa State Fair. Trump wages war on Fox News again. Trump insults Carly Fiorina. Trump puts out a tax plan. Trump bashes Bush for September 11th. There’s another debate next week. He’s hosting Saturday Night Live Nov. 7th. On and on and on it goes. Always another act in the play.

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