CIA-armed rebels march on Assad's homeland

Major Raed al-Saleh, a commander of Tajammu al-Izza, another TOW-toting militia in Hama, added to the rebel haul today two destroyed tanks, a captured one, and a 23-milimeter artillery gun that is no more. Al-Saleh also relayed that his men were able to intercept the enemy’s communications and discovered that Russians aren’t so thrilled with how Assad’s army has comported itself thus far.  A dispute was apparently overhead between a Russian general and Syrian Gen. Jamal Younis, who was until recently the head of Assad’s security committee in Hama. “Younis was moved aside because the Russian was angry with the Syrian army’s lack of strength and its inability to capture territory from the rebels,” al-Saleh said.

The FSA’s advances are more remarkable for the beating it has continued to take by Russian airstrikes. Mustafa al-Me’rati, a spokesperson for Tajamu al-Izza, told The Daily Beast late this afternoon: “Half an hour ago, our headquarters and a hospital in Latamna were attacked and destroyed by the Russian airstrikes. All the hospital staff were injured, but one was killed. The attack is the Russian response to our victory in Mea’ar Kabi. The FSA has changed the rules of the game today. We have managed to attack instead of defend, and that is on many fronts.”  And it isn’t just the Russians chafing under the ineffectiveness of their client, he said. “We’ve heard that the Iranians are quite upset and screaming in the joint operations room [in Latakia]. It is a big day for us.”

Gains were also registered in Aleppo, where ISIS has lately exploited Russia’s concentration of firepower on a common adversary.