Rubio relying on secret donors to finance ad blitz

Indiana’s Gaston Volunteer Fire Department puts out fires, which is the “social-welfare” public benefit that earns it tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. The Madera County Fair is similarly tax exempt because it teaches the children of Chowchilla, California, about animal husbandry.

And then there’s the Conservative Solutions Project, of Tampa, Florida. How does it rate its tax-exempt status that, among other things, lets it keep its donors names secret? By telling Americans what a great leader Marco Rubio would make.

Last month, the group put out a press release announcing a new TV ad “focused on what has made our country great, and what it will take to ensure that greatness continues through the 21st century.” But the 30-second spot it referenced features the Florida senator spliced with images of a corn field, a small town, and the U.S. flag. “If ever there has been an era in human history tailor-made for us as a people, it is the 21st century,” Rubio says. “What is standing in the way are outdated leaders that refuse to let go of the past.”

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