Canada elects its own Barack Obama

Canada’s new prime minister was swept into office on a platform promising “Real Change.” He is enjoying a surge of nostalgic media portrayals and hopeful progressive paeans as he prepares to take office. It is unfair to judge Trudeau before he begins ruling, but it’s reasonable to say he is already looking like an Obama Lite, though with a few fewer overseas drone strikes on civilians.

Trudeau plans to run a deficit in order to stimulate the economy with a massive spending program to build up infrastructure. He doesn’t want what he calls “ideological tax cuts proposed by the Conservatives.” These apparently include giving tax breaks to small business, many of whom are basically tax scam fronts for the very wealthy, according to Trudeau. Instead, he wants a tax plan based on “fairness” that hikes taxes on the rich and gives a break to middle-class families.

Large voter turnout elected a man who champions causes of the far social Left, believes in left-wing economics and social justice, and advocates being friends wherever possible, even with nasty conservatives. (Unless they actually stand in the way of his policies.)

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