Nine reasons the Jedi are actually the bad guys in "Star Wars"

9. The Jedi Are Terrible Comrades
Once that ward (Luke Skywalker) became a Jedi himself, he developed the famous Jedi contempt for the common man. Like his mentor, as Skywalker became more of a Jedi, he became increasingly disloyal to the cause and comrades he once served.

This was most vividly illustrated when he jeopardized the operational security of the rebel raiding party on Endor, giving himself up and risking the entire mission—not to mention the lives of hundreds and the freedom of the galaxy—so he could pursue Jedi business. Ultimately, he found himself locked in a completely irrelevant battle within the Emperor’s throne room aboard the second Death Star. Whether he won or lost had no strategic significance to the battle, or the war. There was a gigantic fleet action underway, on which depended the freedom of every sentient being across a hundred million systems.

And, like a typical Jedi, Skywalker chose this moment to go AWOL from the most consequential struggle of his time. He had Jedi business to attend.

To fully understand the unreliable and narcissistic nature of the Jedi, imagine being at D-Day, and your battle buddy is the worst sort of self-centered millennial.

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