How Republicans blew it on Benghazi

The Clinton team understands television and the news ecosystem. As terrible as she is as a candidate, they know how to shape the form and structure of the coverage to come. They know what the producers on every cable show are looking for, and they’ll serve it up like Meg Ryan faking an orgasm; loud, obvious, and surprisingly intriguing.

So for a few moments the HillaryBot will simulate anger or passion or outrage for the cameras, just as she did in her infamous “at this point, what difference does it make?” moment in the prior hearings. It will be the centerpiece of every nightly news and cable show’s coverage.

On Wednesday night, she was rehearsing it, over and over, with her team. I have a vision of Bill, the master of the form, sitting in the darkness off the stage where she was prepping for this event. “Hillary, dammit. One more time. Really look like you’re mad. Think of… no, never mind. Not Monica mad… just normal mad.”

Expect the Democrats to rend their clothes, tear their hair, and praise Clinton to the heavens. In the media equation there are three players in this drama: the evil Republicans seeking to illegitimately smear Her Majesty as part of their 25-year campaign of personal destruction; the future president shining with the light of her integrity and humanity; and her champions in the Democratic members of the Committee.

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