It's true: Captain America is now Captain Leftist

This relaunch has been marred by quite a bit of criticism from the online activist types. When they announced a Blade series that would star Blade’s daughter (a black woman) and the writer of the book was revealed to be Tim Seeley, a white male, outrage ensued. This book has yet to be released.

When Marvel announced a book about Red Wolf, a Native American, to be written by Nathan Edmondson, he was subject of multiple articles attacking him for being the wrong race; claiming, without evidence, that he is a perpetrator of harassment; and complaining that he once worked at the Leadership Institute, the biggest sin of all.

The new Captain America book is written by Nick Spencer, another white male who is writing a minority character. Spencer once worked in Democratic politics. He was not subject to any of the scrutiny or outrage that followed the previous two examples.

In comics, this cycle is not new, and it’s not limited. Certain creators are capable of getting away with pretty much anything, but those who have not ridden the cult-of-personality wave are less fortunate. The vocal crowd around the industry now demands you swear fealty to the progressive cause, or face its wrath.