Bidenworld source: "I think it's fair to say something will break this week"

The Biden ally went on to chide the commentariat for declaring Hillary Clinton the winner of last week’s Democratic debate, noting that post-debate polling has detected very little movement for any of the candidates on stage.  “The fundamentals of the race did not change at all,” he asserted, going on to hint that Biden’s “enemies” line is part and parcel with the Biden brand: “The fundamental difference between Biden and Hillary is that Biden understands that if he were to be president, he’d be president of all Americans. He does not view Republicans as the enemy.  [Hillary’s campaign] can characterize what she said however they’d like; the fact is that she said it in the heat of the moment. It was at the top of her mind.”  The source also pushed back on the political analysis dispensed by longtime Clintonite Lanny Davis to a train car of Amtrak passengers earlier this month.  Davis stated that Biden’s third-place polling position as a popular, undeclared candidate basking in the glow of heavily-positive ‘will he, or won’t he?’ press coverage indicates that he won’t gain traction has a declared candidate.  My source disagreed:  “Lanny can say whatever he wants. The fact is that nearly one-in-five Iowa and New Hampshire Democrats are willing to support this hypothetical candidate. Statistically, that means there are more folks out there who’d be willing to support the Vice President as an actual candidate. Lanny is conflating some things that don’t pan out in terms of how voters really think and work,” he said, adding that “high-information” primary voters will give Biden a more serious look if (or once) he officially enters the race.  Finally, asked about the perception that Hillary Clinton’s rivals pulled punches and failed to raise or exploit her weaknesses at CNN’s  Las Vegas forum, the source simply replied, “If Joe’s going to run, he’ll run to win.”

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