Three problems with the claim that men don't let women speak clearly in meetings

I always find it fascinating how different the world described by the media is from my own. I know many different women. Some of us have even experienced a bit of sexism here and there. I have never encountered this mealy-mouthed language the media tells me we’re forced into using during meetings.

Yes, women and men tend to communicate differently. Men tend to be more aggressive during conflict, and women tend to be more passive aggressive. Both can be grating and both can serve a purpose.

But where do feminists get the idea that women somehow are forced into speaking like idiots in meetings? Just how bad are Washington Post editorial meetings, you know? I wish feminists could learn how liberating it is to work in environments where you can just speak your mind and, assuming you’re holding to basic standards of respect for your fellow human being, nobody freaks out. From Hollywood to mainstream media, it sounds like there’s some kind of problem where progressive politics ends up really harming women in various ways.

Further, imagine you were a sexist trying to claim that women don’t have the skills to hack it in corporate life. You could have written a piece translating quotes into female-speak, and it would have read much like the actual piece linked above. Look at this example here. Does it seem like something written in defense of women or something that makes you think we’re not cut out for corporate life?