Pro-lifers cozy up to LGBT movement

“Many pro-life people say the obvious answer is yes—that everyone who shares the pro-life belief that unborn children ought to be protected from abortion is welcome in what is the human rights issue of our time,” Ertelt wrote. “Others say that gay marriage ought to be opposed and that the pro-life movement is somehow endorsing gay marriage by including gays and lesbians within the movement.”

Ertelt declared that his outlet welcomes all “pro-life people under the banner of pro-life,” but he also reposted interviews conducted by Secular Pro-Life with LGBT pro-lifers who relayed that they often feel ostracized by the anti-abortion movement’s religious tenor.

“I firmly believe that if more religious pro-lifers would stop tying in outside beliefs of the church to abortion, such as views on homosexuality or competition with other religious beliefs, it would allow more in the LGBT community to open up and listen,” said Albany, a pansexual atheist.

“[I]f the pro-life movement started leaving their religion at home instead of bringing it to the events, that would be a good start, as well as sticking to abortion and not bringing up gay marriage or other non-related issues,” added Nate, a gay atheist.

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