Poll: Trump 25, Carson 22, Rubio 13, Cruz 9

While Trump leads when GOP primary voters are asked about their first choice for the party’s nomination, Carson boasts the highest share of voters who say they can see themselves supporting him. Seventy-four percent said that they can imagine backing Carson for the GOP nod, while just 20 percent said they could not.

But Trump has also gained ground when it comes to whether or not potential voters can picture themselves backing him. Fifty-nine percent of GOP voters now say they can see themselves supporting Trump, while 36 percent disagree. Just last month, a slight majority – 52 percent – said they could not see themselves backing the real estate mogul, while 47 could envision it.

Rubio (65 percent could support/26 percent could not support) and Fiorina (56 could support/ 30 percent could not support) also show significant possible upsides among GOP voters.