Hillary's "please hack me" server

Why would Mrs. Clinton run the risk of her communications being intercepted by foreign surveillance? It’s not just a vast right-wing conspiracy that wonders.

Vice, a left-leaning media outlet targeting millennials, last week ran a Q&A with its investigative journalist Jason Leopold explaining why the emails matter: “The most important aspect of her emails that anyone should be paying attention to is the fact that we don’t have answers as to why she was using a private email account and avoiding the Federal Records Act and why the State Department failed to respond to legitimate requests from journalists under the Freedom of Information Act for her emails years before this scandal was ever revealed.”

Mrs. Clinton testifies this week before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. She has said repeatedly that her home-brew server and private emails were “allowed by the State Department,” of which she was the head. It would be educational to hear her assessment of how much harm would be done if Chinese and Russians were able to gain access to the emails of the country’s top diplomat. Congress should also ask the country’s counterintelligence leaders for their view of the harm.