Trump's attack on George W. Bush is soft Trutherism

No sooner had he said it and started to be criticized for it, did his yapping minions come out and start to defend him. “Well, he’s factually correct. Bush was in office during the 9/11 attacks!” Naturally, Trump also had left wing Democrats defending him. These are the same people who say Bush was fully to blame for 9/11 after being in office for about seven months while claiming Obama is not to blame for his lousy Presidency, despite being seven years in.

The notion Trump was merely pointing out a “fact” is absurd on its face. Everybody knows who was President when 9/11 happened. It doesn’t bear repeating. No, what Trump did was elevate a theory that is not exactly Trutherism, but just a lighter version of it. It’s often referring to as “soft Trutherism.”

Trutherism is the nutball theory the 9/11 attacks were actually carried out by the US government and President Bush was part of the conspiracy to carry them out and part of the cover up.  Trump’s “soft” version says President Bush was well aware of the danger, did not connect the dots and therefore, “allowed” the attacks to take place. Karol Markowicz wrote about this kind of “soft” trutherism a day after the anniversary of the attacks…