The Chamber of Commerce is bad for conservatives, Republicans, and America

So, why would conservatives want to see tens of millions of illegal immigrants become American citizens when “fifty two percent of households headed by legal immigrants are using welfare programs” and those new voters would be pulling the lever for Democrats in such numbers that they would vote many Republicans out of office?

It’s because some of the Chamber of Commerce’s members make more money by firing American workers and replacing them with cheaper foreigners. Those foreign workers may be cheaper because they cheat on their taxes and don’t have to pay for health care like illegals or because they’re here temporarily on an H1B visa, but the Chamber benefits either way. So, it’s willing to pay an enormous amount of money to keep the illegals coming even if it decimates the Republican Party and ordinary Americans suffer in the process. This has become what the Chamber of Commerce is all about: it benefits BECAUSE ordinary Americans suffer.

Yes, the Chamber may use its considerable bankroll to support SOME conservative candidates, but its agenda is dominated by cronyism and corporate welfare to such an extent that you essentially have to sell your soul to make it happy. In fact, being a Republican who’s opposed by the Chamber of Commerce has become a badge of honor. There are many conservatives who are hated by the organization because they put the interests of their constituents, conservatism and the country ahead of the interests of the Chamber. The Chamber spent millions backing establishment candidates like Thad Cochran in 2014 and it’s gearing up to spend 100 million dollars defeating conservative members of Congress in 2016. You may like conservatives who think we should have a secure border, fight harder against Obama and repeal Obamacare, but the Chamber of Commerce doesn’t.

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