A note to entitled millennials in the workplace: Give humility a try

Then, one day, a friend forwards you a viral essay from LinkedIn, and you learn that you’re an idiot. All that effort to make work just a tiny bit more fun? Wasted. You’re losing Millennials because you’re just not amazing enough for them. You’re not designing self-driving cars, redefining social media, or blazing a new trail in adventure tourism. You’re not changing the world. You’re just making an unglamorous product or providing a mundane service, so good luck with your GenX employees, old man. Millennials are simply too awesome to be assigned normal jobs or settle for normal lives.

That’s the core message of “Why Millennials Keep Dumping You,” an “open letter” to management from young college graduate Elizabeth McLeod. While it purports to be helpful guide in how to unlock the “energy of a thousand suns” — the energy of an engaged, happy young worker — in reality it’s a textbook example of stereotypical Millennial entitlement and self-love, with the basic message a simple and startling declaration that, “I’ll only love you if you’re awesome.”

McLeod’s list of demands include making sure that her individual talent is recognized (masked as a concern that low-performers aren’t sufficiently punished), that she feels like she’s “making a difference” beyond providing a return on investment (ROI) to her firm, that she’s surrounded by people who are “on fire for what they’re doing,” and that she’s not just a “number” but instead a world-changer.

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