Trump is building a long-term operation to compete in the primaries

“They’re doing what the average campaign is doing for sure. Maybe more,” said Carney.

In South Carolina, volunteers have been put to work setting up events, distributing bumper stickers and yard signs, and performing data entry.

Trump’s campaign has offices in Myrtle Beach, Columbia, and Charleston. There is talk of a fourth office set to open in Greenville, which will give it a larger footprint in the state than almost any other campaign.

“They’re very involved,” Heather Stancil, co-chair of the Madison County Iowa Republicans, said of Trump’s operation in the first caucus state. “He has people who try to be everywhere. In fact, he had people at our Madison County Covered Bridge Festival … in a small town, it’s always nice to have folks show up and walk in your parade.”

Stancil said only three other campaigns, those of Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, mustered visible presences at the festival.

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