Trump's net favorability similar to Romney's numbers at this point in 2012 cycle

“Taking into account name recognition, Trump’s net favorability rating (favorable minus unfavorable) of -32 percentage points stands out for its pure terribleness at this point in the campaign,” data journalist Harry Enten wrote at the time Trump announced his bid in June. “Like his unfavorable rating, it is by far the worst of the 106 presidential candidates since 1980 who are in our database.”

Enten went on to predict: “For this reason alone, Trump has a better chance of cameoing in another ‘Home Alone’ movie with Macaulay Culkin — or playing in the NBA Finals — than winning the Republican nomination.”

Oh, how things have changed. Trump’s net favorability among GOP voters is now very similar to what Mitt Romney’s was at the same point in the 2012 presidential cycle.