Only one in three Germans believe in Merkel's approach to refugee crisis

Fewer Germans believe the country can cope with the number of refugees than did in September, according to October’s YouGov survey. More people also think the number of asylum seekers is too high.

The poll, released on Tuesday, showed that an ever-growing number of Germans are losing faith in the words repeatedly expressed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “We can manage this.”

Only one in three participants of the poll (33 percent) now agree with the chancellor – a decrease of 11 percent since approximately six weeks ago. Around 64 percent of Germans polled were found to disagree.

The opinion was widely shared across all of Germany’s main political groups – the Social Democrats (SPD), the Left Party, the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), and the CDU’s Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU) – with 59 to 62 percent disagreeing with Merkel.

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