Guns ‘n’ Moses: Why more Jews are packing heat

The Second Amendment was designed, at least in part, as a bulwark against the rise of a tyrannical government. In America — and nowhere else in the world — Jews finally, after thousands of years of persecution, have this inalienable right.

Even in Israel the right to bear arms doesn’t come easily. As Israeli gun owner Yael Shahar recently explained in a Facebook post: “Applying for a license is a grueling process, often taking months of security checks and training courses. Keeping that license requires an investment of time, effort, and money.”

Sadly, recent events have proven once again why many Israelis think it’s a good investment. Tuesday brought three more deaths in the daily barrage of Palestinian terrorism in Israel, especially Jerusalem. The streets are emptier than usual and stores are selling out of self-defense items like pepper spray and Swiss Army knives.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat told residents recently, “Given the current escalation of violence in the security situation, those with a licensed firearm who know what to do with it must go out with their weapon. In a way, it’s like military reserve duty.”

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