Hillary won the debate because she's the only electable Democrat

The Democratic march to the left is stunning. Having Bernie Sanders play Clinton’s chief foil may excite the left, but, as much as I hate to say it, David Brock is right: The man is unelectable. It’s not just that he’s proposing $18 trillion in new spending and trillions in new taxes. It’s his personal demeanor, which will turn off most Democrats long before it turns off swing voters in the general election. Martin O’Malley may not be as radical as Sanders, but he is certainly to Clinton’s left, and his record in Baltimore and Maryland, where he put many left wing ideas into practice, will be easily attacked by the Republicans.

Jim Webb is a great American and has many provocative thoughts on foreign policy and domestic policy. But there’s no way he can win the nomination of a Democratic Party that is debating socialism over capitalism, whether black lives matter or all lives matter, whether climate change is the most pressing strategic threat facing the country, and whether to open Obamacare and in-state intuition to illegal immigrants. Lincoln Chafee? What an embarrassment. I don’t know why he’s on the stage, and the truth is, neither does he.

That leaves Clinton, whose performance was typical.

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