Making Paul Ryan Speaker would only escalate the House GOP's civil war

The reason why Ryan was seen by Boehner and others as the GOP House caucus’s only hope was his supposed ability to unite establishment moderates and rebellious conservatives together. The rebels have quickly soured on this idea, as a brief visit to Breitbart News can demonstrate. Reuters is reporting that a few conservative lawmakers are already campaigning against Ryan and are sharing around footage of the Wisconsin rep speaking in favor of the much-maligned Troubled Asset Relief Program.

A few years ago, Ryan, Kevin McCarthy and Eric Cantor were seen as the next generation of conservative leadership. Today, Cantor is out of office, McCarthy has been humiliated and Ryan is reluctant to go down with them. “The Young Guns,” as they were dubbed, presented an image of the GOP that was solely focused on fiscal concerns and synonymous with business interests.

Some thought that was the conservative wave of the future.

As we are witnessing the rise of Trump and the return of the middle American radical, the Young Gun philosophy can no longer be seen as the ideology of the grassroots. National interest is trumping business interests among the base. That’s why immigration and TPP are such fundamental issues at the moment.

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