Network analysts trash "pathetic" House conservatives: A "poison" no one can deal with

Following a short response from Dickerson that “it doesn’t look like anybody can,” Rose hyped the doomsday prospect that conservatives “are willing to take the House down.” With little assurance for the liberal host, the Sunday morning talk show host alluded to the fact that “they think the House has been selling out Republicans and conservatives for the last many years and finally their chance to stop that.”

In the next hour, Republican pollster, CBS News contributor, and McCarthy friend Frank Luntz lambasted how the situation is “chaotic” with the reluctance of conservatives to accept McCarthy being “really pathetic.”

The tirade from Luntz was only just beginning as he further complained that “[t]he inability of House Republicans to unite has now become a poison and those people listening today should understand that when members come out and say we weren’t respected or we weren’t appreciated, House Republicans are not functioning this morning.”

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