It is time to question Ben Carson's personal diligence

It is time to become concerned with the personal diligence of Ben Carson, with respect to the preparation he has put into running for President. In what is becoming a sadly familiar refrain, Carson was once again today unable to answer a very basic question about United States policy, or to even be prepared to discuss the subject knowledgeably (or even conversantly).

In this instance, Carson was on the radio with Kai Ryssdal, and was asked whether Congress should authorize raising the debt ceiling before November 5th. This is not a “gotcha” question about an esoteric area of fiscal policy; this is a live debate about a controversy that has risen to prominence numerous times within very recent history. Almost every person who even casually watches cable news knows what is being asked here.

Yet, Ben Carson apparently does not know the difference between the “debt ceiling” and the budget. Watch this exchange here, in which Ryssdal (who wasn’t even trying to score points), actually explains the difference to Carson, and Carson still isn’t able to put together a cogent answer.

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