Media eagerly anticipate end of Trump

“You definitely felt a desire from the media, the hive mind, to declare the second debate the start of Trump’s decline,” said Washington Post political reporter Dave Weigel in an email to the Washington Examiner media desk. He said, however, that Trump’s media coverage may have taken a turn from “frenzied” to more negative when reporters took a break from the campaign to cover Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. in late September.

Weigel added, “Absolutely it’s too quick to call it over for Trump.”…

Another reporter who covers the 2016 campaign but who requested anonymity said he saw a similar tendency among the national media to prematurely write off Trump.

“The collective media is probably tired of the Summer of Trump campaign narrative and is eager for a new one,” the reporter said. “Poll results aren’t exciting to write up if they’ve been plateauing for weeks.”

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