How our culture of narcissism creates trans obsessions

Trans movements and arguments of orientation remove responsibility for our actions from our own shoulders. Every person is simply who they are. And it is no longer our job to fit into society for the betterment of others, it is society’s job to fit us in and make us happy. The appeal of this narcissist culture is obvious. Our errors and transgressions are no longer our fault, but merely manifestations of a repressive social model. Everything we are or do is right, has to be right, because it is a true expression of ourselves.

In the grand scheme of things, trans movements are trivial results of this culture of narcissism. Although they speak to the core of who we are, they are not biggest problems we face in a world with no more right and wrong. Our biggest problems are fathers who no longer feel a duty to their children, well-off citizens who are disconnected from the plight of the poor, and even madmen who shoot up schools in bizarre and tragic expressions of victimhood and isolation.

It is difficult to cast a cold eye on our current culture and fail to see deep sickness. It is even more difficult to imagine a cure. But as we stare into an abyss of a G-dless future in which hedonism and personal preference replace a duty to each other, we had better start trying.

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