Donald Trump has spent only $2 million on his entire campaign. That’s brilliant.

MSNBC reported Tuesday morning that aides to Donald Trump estimate that the real estate mogul has spent roughly $2 million on his 2016 presidential campaign to date. That’s consistent with a Wall Street Journal report from over the summer that Trump had loaned his campaign $1.8 million and raised another $100,000 for the effort.

That’s stunning. And brilliant.

Trump has been the dominant force in the Republican presidential race for, at least, the past four months. (He officially became a candidate June 16.) On any given Sunday, he is appearing on or phoning into some — if not all — of the Sunday talk shows. According to Facebook’s new Signal interface, Trump is responsible for 80 percent (or more) of the conversation around the 2016 presidential race on any given day. The first two Republican debates netted 24 million and 23 million viewers, respectively — totals that Trump, rightly, attributes to his presence in the race.

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