Media: Illustrating stories is good, unless you're exposing Planned Parenthood

However, as we learned as toddlers, covering your eyes and singing “la la la” doesn’t actually change the existence of an object, and when a few journalists pointed people to the video, the media changed its tune.

It went with the “deceptive edit” talking points proffered by Planned Parenthood. Or it confused Walter Fretz, the preemie baby whose photograph is at the end of the video, with the video of the aborted baby writhing around in the dish. “A ha!” they shouted — it was just a stillborn baby, not an aborted baby! (This not being true has not kept major journalists from repeating it.)

A thousand “fact” “checks” of Fiorina’s statement later, the basic argument is that the video of the aborted baby featured in the Center for Medical Progress is an entirely different aborted baby than the one whose brain was harvested by the organ procurement technician who worked at Planned Parenthood. Why, the aborted baby, seen writhing around in a cold dish, left to die, may or may not even have been killed at a Planned Parenthood clinic! But either way it was a totally different aborted baby than the one being talked about in the video! These “fact” “checks” have left those who actually watched the videos, and know the difference between seeing an aborted baby and hearing a story about cutting open a baby’s head to get his brain, what the point of the “fact” “check” was, exactly.