“There’s homophobes still left -- most of them are running for president"

“No longer is there any question transgender people are able to serve in the United States military,” Biden told a crowd of 3,000 gay rights activists at the group’s star-studded gala.

Biden, who is considering running for president, declared transgender rights to be “the civil rights issue of our time” as he delivered the keynote speech, just hours after Hillary Rodham Clinton – his top rival if he enters the race – gave a rousing address elevating LGBT rights as a main pillar of 2016 bid. Biden said gays and lesbians shouldn’t fear “those shrill voices” trying to undo gay marriage and other advances because Americans “have moved so far beyond them and their appeals to prejudice and fear and homophobia.”

“There’s homophobes still left – most of them are running for president,” Biden said, in a playful yet cutting jab at the Republican candidates he could one day face.

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