Is Marco Rubio the generational change the GOP needs?

There are several Republicans under 50 running this year. Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz and, until he dropped out, Scott Walker. But Rubio is the only one who has made his youth the centerpiece of his campaign. Rubio is running as the fresh new face, the 21st century Republican. And he never misses a chance to talk about it. At the Values Voter Summit, he famously announced the retirement of John Boehner, which was followed by 30 seconds of cheering. But what he said right after the prolonged celebration of Boehner’s demise was even more important…

Rubio is a disciplined communicator and he’s always on message.

There are different ways of channeling the anger that is the overriding sentiment in the GOP electorate right now. Donald Trump has his way, and Rubio has his. Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson, who is from Rubio’s home state of Florida, says Rubio is “trying to harness this very anti-status quo, anti-establishment frustration but channel it in a way that will have an appeal across generations.”

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