Hillary's server is the smoking gun

I could go on all day about the layers of lies upon lies here. For instance:

There are plenty of smoking guns in every e-mail dump. The number of classified e-mails is now in the hundreds.

Hillary Clinton insisted in her first statement that she never sent or received any classified information. She knew this was a lie when she said it. Those were extremely prepared remarks. She only revised that to “marked” classified when the lie didn’t take.

The “marked classified” thing is a lie on the merits and in intent. Some e-mails were marked classified and it doesn’t matter if they were marked classified. The information was classified regardless of marking. She knew this.

She constantly says her system was allowed but never says who allowed it . . . because the person who allowed it was Hillary Clinton. She might as well have hung a banner over her desk that read, “Le département d’État, c’est moi!” (If one of you francophone pedants corrects my French here, I will drive out to your house and leave a burning bag of epoisses on your doorstep).

But all this misses the point. I’m not normally an ALL CAPS kind of guy. So please forgive me for this: BUT THE SERVER IS THE SMOKING GUN! It’s all smokey-like, sitting right there in the FBI evidence room.

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