Why we were 'obsessed' with Donald Trump

Trump is still the frontrunner, and while it’s possible he’ll bail out early when he decides this isn’t fun any more—and it seems he is already contemplating this—he might also be that reality TV show contestant who is obnoxious and abrasive and unlikeable, but who keeps sticking around, week after week, because he makes for entertaining TV.

It’s probably time to stop pulling the fire alarm, but not without an explanation about why so many of us were concerned about Trump. Fortunately, his statements in a recent “60 Minutes” interview highlight why he’s going to continue falling in the polls and why many of us are so eager to see that happen.

It’s not because we’re part of the Beltway establishment. I’m neither in the Beltway nor part of any establishment. It’s not because we are “obsessed” with hating Trump. I actually liked him in the early seasons of “The Apprentice,” back when the contestants were real people (more or less), and not just celebrities. It’s definitely not because we’re wimpy moderates who want to cave in to the Left. Quite the opposite. It’s precisely because we see the need for a big change in course from the Obama years (and from the “big government conservatism” of the Bush years) that we regard the Trump phenomenon as a dangerous diversion.

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