Why do the media keep helping Nancy Pelosi avoid abortion questions?

Journalists love asking tough questions about abortion … so long as the recipient of those questions is pro-life. When the politician is pro-choice, they just can’t imagine even the first question you might ask. That’s because, it seems more than safe to say given the last two months of deferential coverage of Planned Parenthood, they are pretty big fans of abortion themselves.

For just one recent example of this, see how the media completely censored an independent report showing that the videos about Planned Parenthood’s human organ trafficking were not deceptively edited. This just weeks after running hundreds of stories on a Planned Parenthood-commissioned report from a Democratic opposition research firm saying otherwise.

In any case, deflecting the question about what constitutes a baby being alive with a statement about how many children she has should not be treated as totes awesome, y’all, as Russert and other journalists did. It should result in follow-up questions from other reporters who should treat abortion as a serious policy issue requiring tough questioning.

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