McCarthy's GOP critics see opening after Benghazi blunder

Ardent McCarthy foes seized on the moment as evidence the current No. 2 leader isn’t ready to become the face of — and chief communicator for — the House GOP.
“It really concerned a lot of members. It plays right into Nancy Pelosi’s hands. It looks like a major mistake,” said Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.), chairman of the House Tea Party Caucus, which will join other conservative groups in interviewing candidates for Speaker on Tuesday.
“He didn’t gain any more votes by this and he doesn’t have 218. Did he lose votes over this? I don’t know,” Huelskamp added. “But I think it’s hurt his credibility within the Republican conference.”
Facing a chorus of GOP calls to address the controversy, McCarthy returned to Fox News on Thursday night to walk back his Benghazi comments. He said he already told Gowdy he regretted making the comments, and insisted his gaffe would not hurt his chance to become Speaker.

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