Jeb's fight with Rubio gets personal

Rubio’s youth and inexperience, says an unaffiliated Republican strategist, are “obvious and very real” challenges, all the more so since Republicans have spent the past seven years scorning a president with the same qualities. But, says the strategist, Rubio “has an ability to speak clearly to the anxieties of voters and to articulate an energetic vision for the future. . . . If anyone has the political skills to overcome those kinds of critiques, it’s Rubio.”

Rubio’s team declined to respond to Bush’s remarks, but a Rubio ally tells National Review they are the product of increasing desperation on Bush’s part. “He’s worried about the poll numbers, he’s worried about the donor reactions. I don’t know that throwing a little elbow at him is going to make any difference,” says the ally.

Bush and his team are shrugging their shoulders about what is clearly a pivotal moment in the campaign. The governor, says spokesman Tim Miller, “was asked about the differences between his experiences and Marco’s. That’s what happens in a campaign!”

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