GOP candidates must take off the gloves and go after Trump

Marketing, after all, is a system of deceptions organized around a product or idea, in this case Trump to conservatives who either aren’t really conservative or are willingly seduced because, oh, it just feels so good to hear one’s innermost thoughts expressed so virulently.

Into this category falls Trump’s recent tirade against Huma Abedin, known as Hillary Clinton’s closest adviser and even better as Anthony Weiner’s wife. Trump liberated his inner Chris Rock, calling Weiner “a perv” and mock-typing Weiner’s infamous tweets.

As his audience guffawed, Trump questioned the likelihood of Weiner’s not being privy to classified State Department information via his wife. Now that’s funny. Trump doesn’t care what state secrets Weiner knows. Trump wants people to associate the “perv” with Hillary Clinton.

Similarly, he wants to associate murderous illegal immigrants with Jeb Bush. A recent Trump campaign video challenging Bush’s immigration comment that people come here illegally as an “act of love” (to find work to support their families) features three grisly hombres in the United States illegally who have been charged with murder. One has been convicted.

“Love?” the text reads. “Forget love. It’s time to get tough!”

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