Exposing the Black Lives Matter movement for what it is: Promoting cop-killing

Despite Richard Fowler’s claims that he’s “watching a different Black Lives Matter movement,” we aren’t and the calls for police executions are not isolated incidents (he also lied about the Tea Party connection to the Tucson shooting of former Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, there wasn’t a connection as he claims but that’s a topic for a other post). In December the man who killed two NYPD officers while they were eating lunch in their patrol car posted on his Instagram page, “Going to put pigs in a blanket” before carrying out his killings. In Ferguson when news of the NYPD slayings hit, BLM protestors chanted and celebrated, “Pigs in a blanket!” We saw the same over the weekend in Minneapolis. This isn’t happening in one place, it’s happening around the country. BLM activists are using their own words and inspiration from convicted cop killers to promote the assassination of police officers.

Finally, it’s important to point out two-thirds of the African American community flat out reject BLM or strongly disagree with the movement’s tactics.