Data: Unemployed more likely to shop, watch TV, or play sports than look for a job

Less than one in five of America’s unemployed, or 18.2 percent, participated in job search and interview activities on an average day, according to the BLS data from the American Time Use Survey.

Yet 40.8 percent of the unemployed shopped on the average day by store, telephone, or Internet. Of those who shopped, 21.5 percent of those shopped for items other than groceries, food, or gas.

Most of the unemployed, 83.7 percent, watched television or movies on an average day.

About one in four of the unemployed, or 24.6 percent, participated in or watched sports, exercise, or recreation activities on an average day.

According to the BLS, the unemployed are individuals who do not have a job but have actively sought one in the past four weeks. The bureau’s Time Use Survey measures the amount of time the unemployed spend doing various activities.