Trump is setting the GOP's agenda

But of all the candidates seeking to replicate Trump, Bush has performed the worst. Perhaps because he’s the one most unlike him.

Contradicting its week-old vow to not “uncork money on Donald Trump,” the Right to Rise PAC paid for a plane to buzz over Trump’s mammoth Alabama rally with the idea of mocking him. Instead the sad and puttering two-seater provided an unintentional metaphor against Trump’s gold-plated jumbo jet of a campaign.

After that, Jeb followed Trump down to the Mexican border simultaneously attacking Trump and emulating him. Which turned out to be an even bigger mistake.

For days now, Jeb has tried to explain his use of the term “anchor babies” to describe the American-born children of illegal immigrants. This purportedly offended someone somewhere—and Bush has been apologizing and yet not apologizing for it ever since. His first defense was that he wasn’t impugning Hispanics, but Asians because, as columnist Matt Bai noted, “what Republicans really need right now is another massive nonwhite segment of society that won’t vote for them.”

The fracas exposed the stark difference between the two men, their campaigns, their poll numbers.

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