"I'll just give you a little taste of the low-energy candidate's life this week"

Bush recited a long list of cities he’s visited in the past six days, boasted of a “physical therapy workout” Friday with former Navy SEALs and said he would be jetting to North Carolina after his speech.

“The low-energy candidate this week has only been six days, 16 hours a day, campaigning with joy in my heart,” the former Florida governor said.

Trump, the billionaire New York developer leading the crowded GOP field in the recent polls, has been ridiculing Bush as too low-key…

“I personally saw more passion from him today than I ever have in the past,” Zeldin said. He contrasted Bush’s speech Saturday to his Aug. 6 appearance on Fox News, when “there were opportunities in the first debate for him and other candidates to shine more brightly by having a little more energy and more passion.”